Convert hex to base64

The string:


Should produce:


As simple as that, hexadecimal decode it and later base64 encode it as follows:

python -c "
Fixed XOR

Write a function that takes two equal-length buffers and produces their XOR combination. If your function works properly, then when you feed it the string:


... after hex decoding, and when XOR'd against:


... should produce:



import sys

key = 686974207468652062756c6c277320657965'
data = 1c0111001f010100061a024b53535009181c'
for i in range(len(key)):
    sys.stdout.write(str(int(str(int(data[i], 16) ^ int(key[i], 16)), 16)))
Find the key

The hex encoded string:


Has been XOR'd against a single character. Find the key, decrypt the message.

with open("english_words.txt") as word_file:
    english_words = set(word.strip().lower() for word in word_file)

    def decrypt(chiper_text, key):
        return ''.join(chr(ord(t) ^ key) for t in chiper_text)

    def is_english_word(word):
        return word.lower() in english_words

    def score(sentence):
        return sum(1 for word in sentence.split(' ') if is_english_word(word))

    hex_input = '1b37373331363f78151b7f2b783431333d78397828372d363c78373e783a393b3736'.decode('hex')
    best_score = -1
    best_key = -1
    for key in range(256):
        key_score = score(decrypt(hex_input, key))
        if key_score > best_score:
            best_score = key_score
            best_key = key

    print 'Key[%d] score[%d] plaintext[%s] ' % (best_score, best_key, decrypt(hex_input, best_key))